5 Celebrity Interior Design Trends We Can Use in Our Own Homes

Jennifer De Jesus


Bring Hollywood home by incorporating these popular style inspirations.

A celebrity’s role as a fashion icon goes beyond mere clothing. Even the way they design their homes produces massive trends and sets the tone for the new year. Looking for style inspiration? Let’s explore the homes of Hollywood’s hottest stars for interior design tips. By implementing these ideas, your home will look straight out of a magazine.

Glamorous Living Rooms

Scandal star Bellamy Young is our first style guru. We fell in love with her fabulous home decor, especially in the living room. The overall light and flashy space, filled with shades of silver and gold, is anchored with a plush couch. A lush velvet sofa in a deep blue hue radiates elegant comfort. You just want to sink in! Young calls the gorgeous color “absolutely devastating,” and that it is. A large statement-piece sofa in a rich color and decadent material makes the perfect functional eye-catcher. Take advantage of lustrous colors and textures to transform simple into radiant. 

Charming Art Deco 

Zachary Quinto’s New York City loft beautifully reflects artistic inspiration. Give your home contemporary comfort with unique creativity! Adding in lots of big indoor plants, textile rugs, sculptures, and paintings creates a timeless atmosphere. This style makes white walls and wood floors really pop. We love Quinto’s low horizontal dining room table with chairs and stools of different wood grains. The addition of an avant-garde chandelier makes a distinctly beautiful abode unlike any other.

Cozy Libraries 

Who said reading rooms were only for quiet books? With these tips, your library will be your new favorite nook for entertaining guests. A bookshelf-lined room with big windows, luxurious furniture, and rich colors puts a classic twist on dim studies. Valerie Bertinelli’s library is everything we want and more. It even has a librarian’s ladder, being both useful and chic. Her textured chandelier lights up the evenings in a decadent illumination. Your guests will never want to leave this comfy nook.

Plethora of Pillows 

This style may be easy to adopt, but don’t be fooled--it can still have a big impact. Across the board, this trend is all over Hollywood. It’s so simple: a couch saturated with pillows! Mismatched patterns, different sizes, and a wide array of colors create a swirling sea of fluff. Our favorite inspiration is Robert Downey Jr.’s living room. The wraparound couch is covered with opulent pillows of all kinds--the perfect invitation to sit down and get comfortable.

The Color of the Year: Champagne 

No color exudes royalty like champagne does. This rose-golden, silver-flecked tone can be added anywhere for a magnificent warming effect. Adam Levine’s former home is a perfect example of how picturesque champagne is. Whether in furniture, walls, blankets, curtains, or rugs, champagne-gold illuminates any room. 

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