5 Tips for Basement Remodeling

Jennifer De Jesus

The era of the scary, cobweb covered, monster hiding behind the furnace, basement is long gone… or at least, it should be! For anyone who’s ever watched That 70’s Show, you know the potential of what a basement could be, even if it’s filled with dated 70s décor. Here’s a guide to 5 of the best basement transformations that may just inspire you to evict the boogie man and create the ultimate extra room. 

1. In-law Suite

No, we are not suggesting that you stick your mother-in-law in a dusty basement! Instead, check out the finished basement on current listing 5507 Bridle Road. This basement is complete with wood floors, a bathroom, closet, and wood-burning heater, making it the perfect space guests. In fact, this extra room may be so nice that your in-laws won’t want to leave (gasp!). 

2. Get in the spirits!

Take all that extra space, and make your own in house speakeasy! Put in a bar or maybe a wine cellar, and create an adults only space. Vibe up the place with a neon sign, old oak barrels or a vintage soda machine to give it that underground bar feel. Maybe even put in a few flat screens and make your basement the ultimate place to watch the game. 

3. Game Room 

And speaking of games, have you thought about making your basement a game room? Move in a pool table, pinball machine, or maybe just hook up the PlayStation or Xbox to a TV as far removed from the bedrooms as possible, because, let’s face it, no one likes to be woken up by video game banter in the middle of the night. Make this room your space for Monopoly, puzzles, poker, Taboo or whatever other board games you love, and get your competitive streak on! 

4. Movie Theatre 

Maybe you’re all tired of fighting over the remote, or maybe the TV in the living room has an awful sunset glare, either way, making your already dark basement into a movie theatre is an ideal use of this space. Get some La-z-Boy couches, an old popcorn machine, or even use a projector… the options are limitless! 

5. Studio Space 

Let’s say you’re tired of your commute, or you need a place to lay out all of your crafting materials. Maybe you want a place to play with your band or paint, or maybe you want to let your basement live up to its antiquated reputation and create your own Frankenstein Monster, whatever your hobby is, creating a work/studio space can be a great use of a basement. Put a desk in the corner and make it your new in-home office, or let your creativity run free and turn your basement into a hobby space for the whole family! 


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