5 Ways to Attract Buyers With Your Curb Appeal

Jennifer De Jesus


Make it warm, make it welcoming, make it right

There are tons of things you can do to make the exterior of your home appealing to potential buyers. We’ll give you our top five curb appeal tactics that will get buyers knocking at your door within seconds!

1. Spice up the front door

There’s nothing more welcoming than the front door of the home. Everything about it defines the nature of the home itself. Front doors have the potential to make a statement, and the right color makes a great first impression.

The style you want your home to have will determine your color options. If you want a bold, unique feel, try a bright-red or yellow door. That will definitely catch the buyer’s eye. If bold isn’t your aesthetic, opt for cooler tones, like blue or green. It will make the house seem more inviting. If your vision is something modern and sleek, go for a black or charcoal gray door. It’s trendy, and the dark color sets it apart from brown wooden doors.

Color is what gets noticed, but the details are what pull the buyers in. Add an elegant frame to the door to match the style of home you seek. Even installing a doorstep or porch lights will make the front of the home more welcoming.

2. Accentuate the walkway

Accentuating the walkway is another way to attract buyers. Even before the front door, the walkway is the first thing they see and the first thing they walk on. If you have a distinctive walkway, whether it be a patterned brick or a sleek concrete finish, buyers will feed into that! An attractive walkway visually leads potential buyers into their new home!

3. Add greenery

It’s simple. Planting any type of greenery around the exterior of your home makes it more visually interesting and appealing. There are a number of ways you can bring nature to the nurture of your home:

  • Gardens! Blooming flowers are always pleasant. A garden can provide a pop of color and can even give your home its signature scent. Plant fresh seeds in the soil, so buyers will have plants to look forward to when moving into their home.
  • Window planters! Plain old shutters can be boring, but if you add some window planters, it makes the area greener and adds a decorative touch.
  • Lawn! Don’t forget about the lawn. If the front yard has grass, make sure it’s green and healthy. Nobody finds dead grass appealing!

4. Build a rock garden

Roses don’t have to be the only kind of colorful garden to have around your home. A rock garden not only makes a landscaping statement, it saves homeowners money and time because they don’t have to water plants. It also sets your house apart from other houses on the market! Rock gardens are chic and trendy. With a variety of rock options and colors, you can complement the overall look of your home’s exterior.

5. Power washing

All the flashy hardware and blooming flora do nothing if the exterior of the home itself is not clean. Consider power washing the outside of your home to leave the house looking fresh and new. Areas to power wash include driveways, roofs, walls, and the garage. Check out this Yelp list to find some of the best power washers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, area.

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