9 Backyard DIY Projects to Try This Fall

Jennifer De Jesus


Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space With These Nine Projects

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the cool breeze in the comfort of your own backyard. From throwing the baseball around to carving pumpkins, what better time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air? While fall can be a time for relaxation, it is also the perfect opportunity to renovate your backyard. Here are nine backyard do-it-yourself projects that can make a big difference in your home. 

Build a Deck 

With fall comes multiple hangouts with friends and family. You’ll want a space where everyone can sit around and hang out all night long. Building a deck is the perfect project for that, and the product itself will last for years and make your backyard the go-to kickback spot for autumn parties. Check out this site to learn how to build a DIY deck in your backyard. 

Fire Pit + S'mores = The Perfect Autumn

No matter its size, everyone loves a good bonfire. Get down and dirty and dig out your very own bonfire pit—it’s also a great activity for you to get your kids involved. Spend the day digging out the fire pit, then pop out the marshmallows and make s’mores once the night comes around. 

It’s also a great get-together idea for a few of your close friends or family members. If your kids want to host a sleepover, an outdoor DIY fire pit is a great place for them to bond over roasted treats. 

Pave a Walkway

Another project to consider is paving your very own backyard walkway. It will make your backyard more inviting while giving it some character. You don’t have to go with the basic square pavements, either; there are a ton of different layouts for walkways to choose from to match the aesthetic of your yard. 

Cool Down With a Canopy 

Fall still tends to have its hot days, so you’re going to need something to cool you down. A canopy is a perfect way to do just that. Follow this DIY canopy gazebo-type structure to add a fixture that’s both beautiful and practical.

A Treehouse Without the Tree

Treehouses can be a great place for kids to explore their imagination, and what better time to do so than when the leaves are changing? Even if you don’t have a tree, you can still make a great hideaway. Follow this guide for a DIY treehouse to create all the fun of a traditional treehouse without having to build high in the air.

Swing Into the Season

If you do happen to have a sturdy tree in your backyard, build a swing! It’s as easy as rope, tire, and tie. A timeless activity, kids will spend hours kicking their feet up towards the sky.

Skip the Water Park

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a water park when you can have one right in your backyard? Follow these simple instructions to create your very own splash pad that your kids will love. Not only is it fun for the children, it adds an elegant aesthetic to your backyard. 

Old Shoe Racks = New Herb Garden

Be proactive with your summer DIY projects. If you have an old over-the-door shoe rack, transform it into an herb garden so that you can have fresh ingredients for your favorite dishes.

Movie Night in the Backyard

The great outdoors can be a good opportunity to get away from the screen, but what if you want to do both? Bring out the old projects, set up this DIY projection screen, and have yourself a movie night in the comfort of your own backyard. You could even set it up right by your homemade fire pit.

Combine these DIY projects to elevate your autumn. Want more home-improvement tips? Check out our blog. If you’re looking to make the move to the Lehigh Valley area, contact Steel City Realty today. From Easton real estate to Bethlehem Township homes for sale, we can help you find the perfect property for you.


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