End of Summer Renovations

Jennifer De Jesus


Make the Most of Warm Weather

Spring may be the season of cleaning, but summer is the time for home improvement. The longer days and warm weather make it the perfect season to spruce up your house and turn it into the ultimate summer hotspot. Here are a few easy, DIY-friendly improvements that can have a big impact during the last few weeks of warmer weather. 

1. Mulch it Up! Usually in the form of bark or dried leaves, mulch is an easy way to improve the look of your garden by covering up the dried dirt. Mulch also makes it difficult for weeds to grow and can help keep your garden stay alive all summer by locking moisture into the soil and reflecting drying UV light. Mulching a garden not only improves the look of your yard, but it’s also incredibly beneficial for your plants. 

2. Seal, seal, seal. No, not the cute marine mammals, the other type of seal. Sealing wood and tile is another home improvement project that’s easy, improves the look of your home, and helps ensure that your wood and tile lasts. Sealing decks and tile floors extends the longevity of these features by hardening the surface against cracks and improving their water resistance. Plus, it also makes them shine, and look brand new again. It’s a practical and aesthetically pleasing project.

3. Add a little paint. Touching up interior and exterior paint is an easy way to give your home a fresh look. Cover up those scuffs on the wall and give the porch a face-lift. Maybe you’ll even decide to re-stain the fence or change the color of your living room. A little effort with a paintbrush goes a long way and can revamp almost any space with minimal inconvenience, making it the perfect seamless summer project.

4. Bring it outside. Summer means barbecues, outdoor dinners, and moonlit cocktail hours. So why not spend some time upping your yard game? New patio cushions can revamp the look of your entire yard, and hanging a triangular sunshade can completely transform your space into a place you’ll want to hang out in all summer long. Or, maybe it’s time to finally take that plunge and build in a barbecue or add a fire pit for s’more fun all the way through fall!

5. Get lit. Whether you’re focusing on an indoor space, or an outdoor space, upgrading your lighting can transform a room or patio. Hang some outdoor string lights for an on-trend atmosphere upgrade or get a few solar powered lights to shine on your new-and-improved landscape and make your outdoor dinners feel resort-like. Or, maybe it’s time to switch your interior lighting to LED bulbs? Consider getting a smart hub and smart light bulbs so you can set timers, change light colors, or turn on/off the lights all from your phone for even more energy savings. Unlike that firepit, this is an improvement you’ll thank yourself for all winter! 


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