Neighborhood Profile: 3 Things Buyers Love About Whitehall

Jennifer De Jesus


With excellent shopping and metropolitan amenities, buyers love this historic gem 

Located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, Whitehall is an alluring destination for home buyers. Attracting new residents and visitors all year round, this friendly fellowship impresses shoppers with its extensive amenities, entertainment, and recreational opportunities. 

Since Whitehall is renowned for hosting immense diversity, it’s a place where everybody can find their perfect niche. This historic town is equipped with contemporary attractions and resources. It’s a metropolitan shopping hotspot that harbors a plethora of outdoor recreation spaces--a place full of ample job opportunities and esteemed educational institutions, all while maintaining the comforts of a welcoming small town. 

Whitehall accommodates any need or desire, and no inspiration goes unfulfilled. Let’s dig deeper and hone in on the top three reasons home buyers love Whitehall.

World-Class Shopping

The commercial district in Whitehall isn’t nicknamed the “Golden Strip” for nothing. Whitehall is home to the best shopping in the entire Lehigh Valley hands-down. MacArthur Road is where locals and guests flock to browse through elegant boutiques, big-name stores, and small independent shops. 

One of the most popular places to explore Whitehall’s variety is the Lehigh Valley Mall, which includes big-name retailers, local boutiques, and national department stores. 

Attached to the mall is an outdoor luxury shopping venue called the Lehigh Lifestyle Center. This area caters to a more high-end crowd with stores such as Lululemon, White House Black Market, Sephora, Chico’s, and Anne Taylor. 

History’s Strong Impression

Every area in Lehigh Valley has its own special twist of historical influence, and Whitehall is boldly showcasing its unique past in the present day. 

Originally ruled by the British, Whitehall was incorporated into the new America in 1876 and officially became a First Class Township in 1902. In 1976, the municipality was recognized as a Home Rule Community--meaning they hold the jurisdiction to pass laws and govern themselves as they see fit within the lines of the federal and state constitutions. 

This setup has worked out incredibly well for Whitehall, which is now thriving with eight village neighborhoods and 27,500 residents. Structures from Whitehall’s humble beginnings during the 18th century still stand today and charmingly adorn the modern countryside scene. 

Successful School District 

Parents are always proud to make the move to Whitehall because they’re confident that their children are receiving the best educational opportunities around. The Whitehall-Coplay school district serves this township, and it’s known for having amazing arts, athletics, and scholarly support. 

Whitehall has one main campus where all educational and youth-centric activities take place. The grounds contain two elementary schools, an intermediate, middle, and high school, sports stadiums, and a gorgeous library. 

This setup is safe, convenient, and comfortable for the students and families of Whitehall. In an atmosphere like this, the youth are shaped into outstanding and responsible citizens geared towards success and development. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the communities in the Lehigh Valley--or if you’re interested in purchasing a piece of Whitehall real estate—contact us today. It would be our pleasure to show you the best Whitehall properties available so you can find your perfect home.


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