Neighborhood Profile: 5 Reasons Residents Love Hellertown

Jennifer De Jesus


Locals love this borough’s modern cultural influence and historical roots

“Cherishing Our Past, Embracing Our Future.” This is the motto that has been chosen to represent Lehigh Valley’s gorgeous community of Hellertown.

All the best things that Lehigh Valley has to offer are easily found in Hellertown, where locals and guests can enjoy the rich historical influence and thriving downtown scene--all while retaining the comforts of living in a small town. A combination so fulfilling is hard to come by, making Hellertown a real paradise for its population of nearly 6,000 residents.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons residents absolutely love living in Hellertown. 

A Lovely Blend of History and Modernity 

Established in 1742, this borough is still actively being shaped by its well-preserved historic roots. Hellertown was named after its first settler, Christopher Heller, further emphasizing the connection between the past and the present.

At the same time, Hellertown is one of Lehigh Valley’s most progressive and forward-thinking communities, as they strive to find the perfect balance between their historical basis and their modern aspirations. The culture in Hellertown is contemporary and ambitious, while still staying grounded in tradition and heritage. 

A Thriving and Creative Dining Scene 

Despite its size, Hellertown is home to an unexpectedly large collection of restaurants. Serving up delicacies from all over the globe, this town’s dining scene satisfies every craving--be it a quick bite or a five-star meal.

Find the best authentic Turkish food in all of the Lehigh Valley at Limon, or indulge in some high-quality Italian classics at the local hotspot DiMaios

Plenty of Outdoor Natural Spaces

The residents of Hellertown are fortunate to be surrounded by gorgeous natural areas. The community is filled with 45 acres of recreational fields and 50 acres of official undeveloped green spaces.

Locals get to enjoy and explore the popular Saucon Rail Trail’s two-mile path that intersects the borough. Dimmick Park is the area’s best-rated park, and it’s where residents spend time together for both relaxation and festivities. 

Unparalleled Real Estate Market

Hellertown is known for taking real estate to the next level. The borough’s collection of magnificent home showcase an array of architectural styles, all of which play a role in enhancing the historical ambiance. Colonial, Country French, and New England styles are all popular designs in Hellertown.

Kind and Welcoming Community Spirit 

Although Hellertown is full of enticing attractions, nothing compares to the friendly community atmosphere. Residents are all brought together by this borough’s special culture, where the past and present come together amidst smiling faces and open hearts. 

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