4 Smart Storage Ideas to Revamp Your Garage

Jennifer De Jesus


Maximize your garage’s storage space with these tips and tricks

Utilizing your garage’s storage space to its highest potential is all about organization and creativity. Let’s face it--the garage is home to a plethora of items. Oftentimes, it becomes a collection of stuff you need but for which you don’t have a designated place. 

However, nothing can be useful if it’s disorganized. These four garage storage ideas will help keep everything in its proper place so you can be more efficient and productive. 

Storage Tubes 

Garages are home to a collection of oddly-shaped objects that just don’t fit anywhere no matter how hard you try. Baseball bats, brooms, rakes, shovels--the list goes on. 

However, you can easily solve this problem by attaching storage tubes to the walls. Buy concrete form tubes from your favorite home center, secure them vertically to the wall, and voila! That’s all there is to it.

These tubes are sturdy and easy to install. Plus, since every concrete forming tube is less than $10, they come at an unbeatable price. 

Wire Shelving

If you want to maximize your storage space, it’s a good idea to start by clearing up the floors. How do you do that? You take advantage of the ample wall space. 

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to effectively utilize walls is by setting up a wire shelving system. You can easily fasten wire baskets, shelves, and hooks to the wall to create a web of vertical storage. 

No more digging through scattered boxes. When everything is in plain sight, it’s easy to access whenever you need it. 

Power Tool Hooks 

Hang up your favorite power tools with power tool hooks. Available at any home store, these hooks are strong, supportive, and secure. Built for holding heavy and irregularly-shaped items, power tool hooks are just what you need to get your leaf blower off the floor and in its ideal place. 

Bin Index 

The most common items filling up garages are bins. Bins of every color, size, and style do the important job of holding similar items together--but things can get confusing when you don’t know what’s what. 

Go beyond the old trick of writing the contents on the bin by creating your very own index. This state-of-the-art organizational tip will completely change your garage’s flow and function, helping you streamline projects, chores, and tasks. 

Simply number each bin and create a corresponding list which clearly relays the contents of each container. Store the bins in numerical order with all the numbers facing the same way, and keep the index on a clipboard nearby. This system is professional, clean-cut, and totally customizable to your needs and requirements. 

Happy organizing! For more storage and organization hacks, check out our blog. If you’re interested in buying or selling a piece of Bethlehem or Allentown real estate, contact us today. It would be our pleasure to serve as your Lehigh Valley real estate agents.


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