7 Clever Life Hacks for Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Jennifer De Jesus


Take festive organization to a new level with these revolutionary storage ideas.

Decorating for winter festivities is the first mark of the season. It’s a time when the whole family comes together to prepare for another year of beautiful celebration. Bulbs, lights, tinsel, and bows adorn the house with a joyful warmth. 

However, we can’t forget all the work that goes into this endeavor. The final design is always well worth it, but since this special time only happens once every year, somehow your favorite ornaments always end up in the most inconvenient spots. Do yourself a favor and make next year easier on yourself. Take the hassle out of the holidays with these seven clever tricks for storing decorations. 

Label Storage Boxes

As simple as this may sound, it seems this is an often overlooked step when packing up the seasonal cheer. By labeling boxes, you can efficiently unpack in an organized order. Save time and effort by avoiding shuffling through endless containers. 

Easily Keep Bulbs Safe

Avoid breaking beautiful Christmas tree bulbs with simple household items. Placing a divider in your large ornament box can help separate and cushion delicate items, and utilizing an old wine box or empty egg carton can work like a charm. Even rows of plastic cups placed on a cardboard piece do the trick! 

Wreath 101 

Wreaths always take up tons of room in closets and end up looking disorganized. Our favorite place to keep them is in drawstring garbage bags hung on a clothing rack. They easily slip onto hangers, keeping them from becoming disheveled.

No More Tangled Garlands 

Gently place your favorite smaller garlands inside of an empty water bottle to keep them from developing stubborn knots. Larger and thicker garlands can be placed inside of any kind of large voluminous container, like a big storage bin or even an unused trash can! 

Preserve your Wrapping Supplies

Instead of shoving your wrapping paper rolls and ribbon in a place where they are prone to unraveling, you can save your leftover resources in perfect condition for next year. Wrapping paper rolls stay wonderfully in a garment bag where they fit neatly side by side. Your best gift ribbon can be slid onto a hanger and remain organized all year long.

No More Tangled Light Strands

Keep your tree lights as good as new by wrapping individual strands around a piece of cardboard. You can also wrap lights around a hanger.

Ingenius Tree Storage 

The best way to keep your artificial Christmas tree looking fresh year after year is by shrinking it with layers of plastic wrap. Once a bulky, oddly-shaped object, it can now slip smoothly into any small space. 

We love sharing our home improvement inspiration, whether it’s regarding the newest styles in interior design or sharing quick makeover tips. To learn more savvy storage ideas, visit our blog or contact us today. Happy Holidays!


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